WARNING!!! All pictures posted are real and it happened mainly in the basement.

It started off as a ordinary day for everyone involved. I remember it like yesterday; halloween night 2011. It was before we had our son and two businesses. We were young, carefree and looking forward to a fun night. After going to so many of the same style halloween parties in the past we decided to do something a little different this year. This was the night everything changed! I had it all planned out. From decor, to food, to music was mapped out to a tea. Our friends were required to show up in their best costumes and everything else would be supplied for them. Everyone came excited about the night ahead as they usually were. No one was expecting what was about to happen.  Driving up to the house guest started to notice the shadows lurking in the windows.

shadow diamond engagements

But first lets recap the morning. That morning everyone had been chatting about the night’s activities. Costumes were picked out and babysitters acquired. We even had out of town friends drive up for the event! Everyone had rsvp and we were looking forward to a night filled with fun and horror. No one realized how horrifying it would become. It was a chilly night but one of the few halloween nights that there was no snow to contend with. We took that as a sign that this was going to be a great night for us all! We had no clue how epic and legendary it truly would be. From the beginning we knew we wanted a night that no one would forget. A night where bodies would be strewn across the floor but we didn’t know it would end like this! And no one could leave…even if they wanted too.

But no one was expecting the ghoulish horror that was to come. Everyone stop to notice the frightening faces in the doorway. No one decided to take it seriously. It was all a part of the ambiance of the night. After all it was Halloween. Who would think that it would be anything else? All of the halloweens before allowed them to be comfortable. They were expecting the same night as they had last year and the year before. There would be a nice party and everyone would leave to go out to the clubs afterwards. As they opened the door screams greeted them. This should have been a warning of what this night entailed but for some reason no one heeded the signs. They continued into the foyer.Upon walking in they were greeted by a wall of death!

wall of death diamond engagements

There was a photo station where everyone would have to take there picture in front of the portrait of the dead. Why? Because they would be joining that wall (or felt like it) before the night would end.

hanging skeleton diamond engagements

Hanging right across from the deadly portrait wall was a glow in the dark skeleton foretelling the danger that awaited every guest. They would have to travel down into the basement amidst a terrifying screaming picture that transformed from a late 19th century woman into a vile and grotesque creature with fangs. If you avoided being haunted by the victorian ghost you would not be able to avoid the tragic and bloody scene that was sprawled out on every wall! It was blood and torture every where you looked. No one would forget the scene.

deadly basement 2 diamond engagements deadly basement diamond engagements



They would try to run away but it was futile. They would only end up further into the nightmare. Because what was before them was a hallway filled with glow in the dark creepy crawlies from spiders, to roaches and bats that was highlighted by our blue light bulbs.

  glow n the dark diamond engagements creepy crawly diamond engagements


Even the food and DJ Table wasn’t safe from the nightmare!

                                                                                                                            hand & roach diamond engagements halloween food diamond engagements

But the bloodiest scene was the bathrooms! It was like a scene out of American Horror Story: Hotel!

             bathroom horror diamond engagements ahs diamond engagements deadly bathroom diamond engagements

This night no one left to go out and we knew our job was done! And this was how we threw the most epic halloween party. All you need is delicious food, tasty ghoulish drinks (sitting on dry ice), amazing music ( we had our own dj system hooked up) and an insane amount of scary decor to set the mood! We may have gone a bit overboard but trust me your guest will be talking about it for years to come…or until the next one!