Why Rent When You Can Buy?!!!!! Well……

So you are having a wedding or a party and you want to know if it is better to rent or to buy?! Here we will discuss the options that people don’t consider when they believe the option to buy is more economical!

When considering to rent decor for a wedding many people really don’t consider all the extra cost and labour that should be calculated in the price of a purchase versus the rental.

1. Storage: If you do not own additional storage you will most likely have to store and organise these items in your home. Do you have an additional bedroom or basement during and after the wedding. Do you have a basement/garage/spare bedroom that you are okay having taken over with wedding stuff for a few months before your wedding? If not renting is for you.

2. Quality: quality of the items you are purchasing. Although you are using it one time one must consider the quality of the product in order to recoup money to resell. Will the product hold up during laundry? Is it washable or must it be steam cleaned. Are your linens the right length, will they be the color portrayed online and do you have the ability of viewing the item(s) or sample in person?

3. Setup & Teardown: Who will be setting up the items that you purchased? If you plan on doing it all yourself you will need time to decorate and remember after all that fun who will come to remove and clean all your stained and damaged items?

4. Laundry: Speaking of laundry if you do it yourself the cost and time can be expensive. Stain removal and possible steam cleaning as well as folding is very time consuming.You will have to make sure you have the labor to wash, fold and iron 200 chair covers. Hiring out this process can be hundreds of dollars you don’t account for. Generally when renting you can return these items unwashed and they generally show up to your event washed and ironed. Anyone who has tied pillow draped chair covers or tied 200 chair sashes can tell you this is not an easy task.

5. Extra fees: No one thinks of the shipping, taxes, currency exchange rates and customs tacked on to you bill. You may see the $8 price tag and think you are getting a steal until you see your credit card bill and realize you could of rented it and had it cleaned, steamed, ironed, delivered and picked up for less! If you look at the time spent accumulating, storing and cleaning these items only to not be able to sell them in the end. Was it really worth it?!

6. Resell: You think you can recoup if you resell. You may recoup the cost of cleaning, storing and organizing and possibly laundry cost if there are no wine stains but are there no wine stains? LOL! You probably won’t recoup as much as you think once you crunch all the numbers including the extra costs.


What looks great in pictures takes time, creativity and resources to create. Although doing it yourself seems great in the moment the labour you put yourselves through during and after isn’t always worth it!