We are excited to be apart of your special day and look forward to partnering with you in making your day everything you always dreamed of. This questionnaire will help us get started and ensure that every aspect of your ceremony and reception is considered and we are in agreement as to the arrangements made.
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    Please provide us with the name of your wedding Reception
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    Number of People sitting at your head table.
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    Please provide the number of guests invites
  • Less than $5,000Between $5,000 & $10,000Between $10,000 & $15,000Between $15,000 & $25,000$25,000+
    Many people desire to keep this secret but in order to keep a realistic investment range is very important.
  • Less than $1,500Between $1,500 & $2,500Between $2,500 & $3,500Between $3,500 & $4,500$4,500 +
    Please keep a realistic budget in mind. You get what you pay for and decor sets the tone of your event.
  • Take this opportunity to tell us a little more about yourself! What is your style? What is the theme/Style of your wedding. Examples: fun, traditional, romantic, ocean theme, steam punk theme, Great Gatsby etc.
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  • Control Freak...I rather Do everything myselfOrganized...I'm a planner but I want to work with a professionalLaid Back...I rather hand it over to a professional so I can relax
    What is your personality?
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    Do not take on the stress of decorating and planning your day on your own. Many friends also believe they can fulfill your vision but lack the resources and inventory to rectify an issue that could arise.
  • Full PackageDIY Rental
    Do you want our amazing full decorating packages with our one stop shop or DIY with our rentals?
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    Are you interested in going with us? Request a 30 minute free consultation for our full decorating packages or call and or email us for rentals!