Who hasn’t heard of the dreaded wedding story fails! Even the most organized bride can have a wedding disaster and do you want to have to personally deal with all of the various issues that can arise or your day? Or would you prefer to sit back and relax while someone else with the expertise and resources deal with the situation for you?

Why investing in a wedding planner and day of Coordinator is worth every penny?

1. The Vendors: Do you have the time to deal with all of your vendors the morning of your wedding? From the Caterers/food, Cake/Sweets & Favors, Decorator, Officiant, Florist, Dj/Band, Photographer/Videographer and everyone in between has to be organized and contracts reviewed to make sure you receive everything that you paid for. If something goes wrong your Coordinator & planner would have the connections and resources to call upon another florist to salvage your floral arrangements or a band/dj to save your reception. With our company we actually have a Dj and decorator employed and are able to jump in and help when necessary.

2. The Venue: Like the bride in this video you may walk into a venue being renovated and this may not have been brought to your attention upon booking. Your wedding planner would know the questions to ask during your booking process with a venue. Such as, will there been any construction or renovations on or near the property at the time of the wedding? Where exactly will the ceremony and/or reception be held and who will be responsible for maintaining this area the day of? Are there any extra decor included? If you are having your ceremony outside it would be good to talk to the grounds manager to get an understanding of his maintenance regimen for your ceremony space. The coordinator would also ask if there are tents for your outdoor space provided by the venue or elsewhere. You should also ask him if there will be any structural changes to the area around the time of your wedding.

3. Weather: Always check the weather for the day of your wedding. A coordinator can make the determination of moving your ceremony and/or outdoor reception indoors. They can call you to help with that determination and give you a realistic evaluation of the space and temperature. Having resources to a tent in the early morning determination of temperature could be a huge help in salvaging an outdoor space.

You cannot be expected to have the knowledge, resources and calmness the day of your wedding to rationally handle all that happens behind the scene of your wedding. What you should be focused on in remaining focused on the most important moment of your life – Marrying and spending the rest of your life with your partner. Having to deal with so many dynamics on the day of can ruin these special moments that you are creating. You do not want the first day of the rest of your life to be remembered in a negative way.