Fall Wedding Inspiration

Fall Wedding Inspiration

Fall back in love with planning your wedding all over again! Planning an Autumn wedding? Fall is a season of earthy tones and warm hues and creates an aura of romance and togetherness. It is a time for snuggling under the blanket under warm candle light surrounded by soft delicate textures. Fall is a beautiful time of the year for a wedding because mother nature helps dictate the color palette but it is also a struggle between staying fashionable and staying warm. Burgundy, Ambers, Golds, peaches and Oranges are the palettes that are popular. It gives the opportunity for such unique and eye catching centerpieces along with creative invitations and menus.


1. Find a focal color and build your palette around that. Burgundy is a strong choice. It is bright and vibrant while still being rich and earthy. Pairing this color with Amber, Gold and browns are a striking choice. It not only compliments each other but by combining completely opposite colors together allow for a distinctive and eye popping wedding!  Remember that you are bringing the vibrancy and beauty of the outside season into your wedding. Your color scheme is the best way to capture that energy.

Amber&Burgundy DiaondEngagements

2. The bouquet: It is very important to chose bouquets that not only continue the theme but tie your ceremony space in with your reception. Dahlias, viburnum berries, Acorns, Calla lilies, Sun Flowers, roses and daisies are very popular in floral arrangements for the season. Do not be afraid to use branches, Artichokes, sweet peas and wild berries for a very earthy feel.


3. Candles: Votive candles do not always have to be the same!!! Mosaic Votives are perfect for this time of the year! It not only brings a unique artsy tone to your tables but it also allows for earthy floral designs an extremely beautiful and glow that truly stands out for other weddings of the same theme. This will truly make others wish they had done this for their wedding!


4. Centerpieces: Now here is the fun part. This does not always have to be flowers and they don’t always have to be the same. Because this theme is so earthy it is very easy to tie in branches, flowers, candles and acorns etc. This is where you can let your creativity shine through!

Big_Artificial_Cherry_Tree_14ft_pink_color DiamondEngagements.jpg_250x250

5. Bringing In The Trees: Outside may be a little cold to enjoy an outdoor wedding or ceremony. Therefore why not bring the trees inside to you! Tree backdrops are popular this season. Try accenting the space with rental trees. If that is not an option consider artificial trees! This Japanese Cherry Blossom tree is a stunning focal point to any room!

There is so much creative and unique aspects to incorporate into a fall wedding, so have fun and fall back in love with planning your wedding!