Learn how to do Breaking Bad without Breaking the Bank! How to create a Breaking Bad theme Wedding or Corporate event with elegance and style.


Breaking Bad is one of my favorite shows. I was quite sad when it came to an end. Many of us feel the exact same way about the series. We could not wait for Sunday evenings for another enthralling episode. The show was so popular that many were throwing Breaking Bad get-togethers each week. With this in mind I wondered how we could put together a Breaking Bad wedding or corporate event without looking cheesy?! Here are a few ideas for a stylish upscale Breaking Bad event!
It’s all about the Meth! Well the color that is…


Blue Sky is the color coined  by Walter White and is the easiest and softest color to transition into your event. Although we will be using yellows and greens to represent the protective gear usually warn by the main characters during a “cook” and green for the BB Logo, we will use these as accent colors.


We can also bring all of our colors into our event favors, sweets and cocktails. The meth used in the early seasons were hard boiled rock candy. This can easily be used in your candy table along with yellow and green cookies and muffins etc.

Custom cocktails are a must. Although you may be limited to Blue Curacao try the classic Blue Lagoon or Blue Hawaiian. For less sweet drink Flavorwire came up with Blue Ice, Vodka, Curacao and Lime.

For you name cards AMC has a great App called Breaking Bad Name Lab which allows you to create a name tag in the style of the show’s logo. Now your Breaking Bad event has elegance and style.