You do not have to wait for “the big day” to use Chiavari chairs they are great for any occasion including birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers and corporate events. Make your guests and employees feel special and thank them for everything they have done for you.

These elegant chairs are named after the Italian city where they were first made in 1807 and are in continued use today from high-end political events to backyard gatherings. Do not be afraid to add a little style and history to your event!

Diamond Engagement Navy& Gold


Go for the gold! Gold can be bold, rich and elegant. These chairs can impress for any occasion.  Remember that when your guests are seated at your event your chairs will be one of the first things that they see. It can affect the entire vision of your decor.

Diamond Engagements Gold Chiavari Chair


Chiavari chairs are built durable and stackable making it versatile for any event space. The slotted backs allow for a myriad of designs with ribbons, flowers, and jewels which can transform the look of the chair completely. The style of the chair is simply timeless!

This year’s trend is all about the GOLD! From the Olympics to our chairs! These have been paired with dark rich color tablecloths such as Navy blue.

Our Chiavari chairs are a staple of any event. It’s versatile, classic, and can be dressed up or down. If you are looking to upgrade your rental chairs you cannot go wrong with this elegant and timeless chair which can compliment any style and theme event.